18th Biennale of Sydney.


We catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island, which used to be a convict prison, for an art extravaganza like no other – the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Works embracing togetherness not only sparked conversation, but gasps of breath. Peter Robinson’s  huge polystyrene chains drape from rusty steel beams. A shipping container sits plasma-cut into something doily like. Every inch of the massive shipbuilding dockyard is  filled with wisps of paper and bundles of fabric, the colours and sights, touch and sounds exploding our senses. The most stunning perhaps is Philip Beesley’s – Hylozoic Series. We line up and enter a dark magical space with angel like plastic ferns hanging amongst glowing liquid-filled vessels which light up as we move through the surreal beauty.

Running for the last ferry off the island, it’s time to chill with a beer and rugby before ending a perfect Saturday in a perfect way, an Italian dinner at Darling Harbour where fireworks light up the sky, great company warms our hearts, and chocolate ice creams more chocolately than chocolate itself fill our bellies.


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