About Us


Leanne French and Greg Keith are artists who motivate, make, inspire and design. They’re creative consultants who deliver great work, without huff and puff. Their thirty years experience in design, advertising and psychology enables them to come up with cool ways for you to showcase your potential, for an affordable price.

Greg’s superpower is creativity. He paints, builds, makes furniture, reimagines treasure and undertakes branding, illustration, logo and design work.

Leanne writes, paints and makes arty gifts and gorgeousness. She’s a powerful, transformation therapist, relationship expert, author and goodness influencer who works her magic via Skype or phone sessions.

They have a pig called Giggles, a grown up human son and daughter out law, two not so little sheep called Rita and Lola, and two cats, Bunny and Storm. One of their many passions is designing and creating beautiful, inspiring spaces and homes.

Contact details.

+64 021 148 6599