Things are Hotting up at Wolfies.


There are 3kg of giant green chillies in one normal bucket, and this is our second haul this size from just six summer chilli plants in our awesome garden.


I now always wear gloves after that incident where I rubbed my eyes many hours later and felt the burn. This variety is ginormous, more Texan than Mexican looking!

I purposefully pick them green, ensuring they are off the plants well before the Martinborough autumn frosts come. The gorgeous red, hotter ones, get popped whole into the freezer in an airtight container and last us an entire year for our many different plant-based dishes and Asian stir fries.


This recipe is for 3kg of chillies. That’s one bucketful.

First, pick chillies with gloves on, then soak them overnight in the brine recipe below, as it keeps them crisper and makes them easier to cut.


9-12 cups of water and 2 cups of fine table salt. Combine together and pour over the whole chillies without any slits or cuts in them yet. Submerge overnight, then drain them and rinse well.


9 cups of white vinegar, 9 cups of water and 9 teaspoons of fine table salt.

With gloves on, cut the chillies up, discarding the very tops and stuff them into sterilised jars. Bring the pickling solution to the boil and then pour over the chillies in the jars, leaving no space at the top, and remember to remove trapped air bubbles. Keep in a dark cool place for at least three months before serving. We open ours a good year later and they are still fabulous.

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