Things are Hotting up at Wolfies.



This recipe is for 3kg of chillies. That’s one bucketful.

First, pick chillies with gloves on, then soak them overnight in the brine recipe below, as it keeps them crisper and makes them easier to cut. Read More

This is the Pig That Shares our House.

giggly1 002
Giggles the baby pig

When bedtime comes, Giggles pretends that she’s happy to go outside, then she takes one look at the frosty grass, hangs her head in disgust, swivels her little butt in the other direction and scrambles up the back steps, through her pig door into the warmth of our human house. She has a house of her own the Wolf built. It resembles a playhouse that any little Princess would be proud to play in. It’s filled with cushions and blankets (or straw depending on the mud factor) and it’s fully lined with pink batts. She slept in it just fine until the single digit temperatures arrived. Just like other first time parents of pigs, we made some mistakes with our first remarkable pig Squiggles that we vowed to remedy with our second piglet.

Our last pig Squiggles.
  1. Buy from a better farm and get a healthy pig who will live forever
  2. Build a warm outdoor house
  3. Never feed from our hands
  4. Make sure that food and water are placed outdoors
  5. Have really good escape proof fencing
  6. Get two piggies so they can love each other
  7. Go on vacation before our days are consumed with a dependant bubba

So we did just fine with numbers one through to four. It was the Wolf that couldn’t help himself. It was he that Read More


Piggy with piggy

Some say that the word higgledy-piggledy is derived from a pig’s ability to create mess and disorder. The only mess and disorder our kunekune pig Giggles creates is if her big  bottom collides with our things. Things that bulge from the seams of our far too teeny tiny MAD house. Oh, and if I fail to greet her at the back door in time, to wipe wet winter mud off her adorable nose, hooves and undercarriage. Read More