Wine Label Designs.


5 bottles from Terroir Wines
Wine Label Designs for Terroir Wines

Simon and Amanda from Terroir Wines, who own and run the fabulous Martinborough Wine Centre in the heart of Martinborough’s Wine Village are awesome promoters and supporters of independent producers. Their business is a wonderful gathering place of a huge range of products from local vineyards and olive groves.

They are both really busy people, so they commissioned us to design their logo, redesign their range of Village Square Wines and to come up with great wine label designs for their new range – Stampede and Melody.

Meetings with these two was fun – a lot of talking, a lot of wine tasting, some fabulous food from The Village Cafe next door, and a lot of laughing, all of which helped the wine label designs and the interesting stories on the back labels which Leanne wrote, come to life.

It was a great job that ran incredibly smoothly from conception to printing and we think we nailed the brief and delivered some nice people some very nice work.


2 thoughts on “Wine Label Designs.

    1. martinboroughartdepartment

      Thank you! That guy is very much like our Buzzy the sheep, but he is Simon and Amandas sheep called Bugsy Malone. We went to meet him today. He’s a star.
      We also met Trouble the goat and the chicken from the Chardonnay label.


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