18th Biennale of Sydney.


We catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island, which used to be a convict prison, for an art extravaganza like no other – the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Works embracing togetherness not only Read More

Wine Label Designs.

Wine label designs.

Simon and Amanda from Terroir Wines, who own and run the fabulous Martinborough Wine Centre in the heart of Martinborough’s Wine Village are awesome promotors and supporters of independent producers. Their business is a wonderful gathering place of a huge range of products from local vineyards and olive groves. 

They are really busy people, so they commissioned us to design their logo, redesign their range of Village Square Wines and to design wine labels for their new range – Stampede and Melody. Meetings with these two was fun – a lot of talking, a lot of tasting and a lot of laughing, all of which helped the wine label designs and the interesting stories on the back labels, come to life.  It was a dream job that ran incredibly smoothly from conception to printing and we think we nailed the brief and delivered some nice people some very nice work. 

Pop into the store at 6 Kitchener St and see the window display (including bunting flags also made by us) and taste the range because it’s lovely and it’s their wine of the month.

Store hours: open 7 days, 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m & extended to 6pm some evenings for winemaker tastings




Transformers, More Than Meets the Eye.

MAD garden: suitable for a wild rumpus

Changing a property is a big project. Especially when you want to “make it your own” and your life purpose is to “delightfully inspire others.”

When it all begins to take on a snail-like pace, we remind ourselves

  • how far we have come
  • to celebrate what we have achieved in the past
  • to stay excited and remember the goal is to transform our place into a great home and gallery for the future.

Our ancient struggle isn’t one between two extraterrestrial clans. It’s more about the struggle between what we know we are capable of achieving, and the actual time and monetary restraints it takes to achieve them.

Our New Year’s focus saw us Read More

Baby Pig Celebrates First Birthday.

Not so baby pig.
Not so baby pig.

This Christmas Day, Giggles the pig turned one.

There’s an upside to sharing a birthday with The Baby Jesus. There’s a lot of guests at your party, kids to play with, lots of laughter and excitement, and many, many morsels of  interesting food. Read More

Crafty Pigs and Other Critters.

Munchkin nephew with Giggles the pig
Munchkin nephew with Giggles the pig

When spring lambs began popping out everywhere in surrounding paddocks and the slowpoke veges in the garden decided to have a spectacular growth spurt, it suddenly became impossible for me to resist the urge to start a new project. With a thousand sensible projects, in many stages, already on the go around here at MAD I  felt as though I might just pop if I didn’t go a little wild and make some art.

Those sensible projects are a part of our bigger picture and they are super duper important and the Wolf is working his wonderful butt off every waking hour turning our barn into a  fabulous workshop and gallery to showcase our artistic wonders in the future, so I felt a teeny bit guilty leaving him neck deep in Read More

Lord Snowed In.

Giggles in the snow

We had a dusting of snow on July 25th that was exciting and unexpected. (It last snowed in these parts in the 1920’s.) We were delighted and distracted by falling flakes but it was more of a spectacle on the surrounding hills than the winter wonderland that was yet to come.

On Sunday evening, August 14th we excitedly anticipated a big snowfall. This time I optimistically packed The Wolfs suitcase for his return to work in the big smoke, but this was a polar blast that had been predicted, perhaps enough for polar bears to have a blast in? Just before midnight we abandoned all hope and cancelled flights because the Rimutaka Hill Road would probably close. And, indeed it did, for days and days. (Well from Monday to Thursday.)

So, The Wolf temporarily declared himself Lord Snowed In, banished from work, trapped at home, bleating something about Read More

This is the Pig That Shares our House.

giggly1 002
Giggles the baby pig

When bedtime comes, Giggles pretends that she’s happy to go outside, then she takes one look at the frosty grass, hangs her head in disgust, swivels her little butt in the other direction and scrambles up the back steps, through her pig door into the warmth of our human house. She has a house of her own the Wolf built. It resembles a playhouse that any little Princess would be proud to play in. It’s filled with cushions and blankets (or straw depending on the mud factor) and it’s fully lined with pink batts. She slept in it just fine until the single digit temperatures arrived. Just like other first time parents of pigs, we made some mistakes with our first remarkable pig Squiggles that we vowed to remedy with our second piglet.

Our last pig Squiggles.
  1. Buy from a better farm and get a healthy pig who will live forever
  2. Build a warm outdoor house
  3. Never feed from our hands
  4. Make sure that food and water are placed outdoors
  5. Have really good escape proof fencing
  6. Get two piggies so they can love each other
  7. Go on vacation before our days are consumed with a dependant bubba

So we did just fine with numbers one through to four. It was the Wolf that couldn’t help himself. It was he that Read More


Piggy with piggy

Some say that the word higgledy-piggledy is derived from a pig’s ability to create mess and disorder. The only mess and disorder our kunekune pig Giggles creates is if her big  bottom collides with our things. Things that bulge from the seams of our far too teeny tiny MAD house. Oh, and if I fail to greet her at the back door in time, to wipe wet winter mud off her adorable nose, hooves and undercarriage. Read More