Martinborough Wine Village. The Village Cafe.

Right in the heart of Martinborough Wine Village is The Village Cafe. Gregs design work and Leanne’s copywriting for magazine advertising.The_Village_Cafe_Lifestyle_ad

Right in the heart of Martinborough Wine Village is a wonderful café that’s busy nourishing the neighbourhood every single day of the week from 8am to 4pm. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch or lunch you’re after, The Village Café offers a wide range of tasty treats. Enjoy the country style surroundings of the café or relax in the courtyard and absorb the local atmosphere. When the kitchen closes at 3pm you can still enjoy a scrumptious selection of home-made delights from the counter, over a coffee, a huge selection of teas or a delicious chai latte. Every Friday night from 6pm to 9pm there’s something special to look forward to – A candle-lit, elegant, enticing menu of pizza and home-made pasta with local wines available by the glass.
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2 thoughts on “Martinborough Wine Village. The Village Cafe.

  1. magentmama

    The chai latte sounds delicious. I was in India for many years and loved chai. Here in Trapani we only find espresso or cappuccino, they still haven’t opened up to etnic food and beverages. But a Mexican fast food place just opened up so hopefully more international places will follow.


    1. martinboroughartdepartment

      We are so lucky in New Zealand that we have become a melting pot of culture which means we get to enjoy a fabulous range of cuisine from all around the world. The Village Cafe brew the chai latte (as compared with using a syrup) and it is delicious.


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