Giggles the Pig Stars in This Town.

Giggles the pig, stealing the hearts of the crew from JAM TV.

There’s just one more sleep until This Town airs and we probably ought to be preparing autographed postcards of Giggles the pig. Pampered princess pig debuts on television. What will be next? The movies?

We watched the promo last night and laughed so much we had difficulty getting to sleep.

The voiceover says it’s truly weird and wonderful in the Wairarapa, and you can pretty much guess which the weird characters might be right?

Melanie Rakena, the director from JAM TV and her crew, are such wonderful people, doing great things, bringing NZ viewers quality television shows that uplift and inspire. We loved spending time with them and are honoured to share a tiny slice of our life in This Town with you. Be sure to watch TV One, tomorrow night, Saturday November 23rd at 7.30pm and let us know what you think of having a sneak peak into our creative and crazy lives.

4 thoughts on “Giggles the Pig Stars in This Town.

  1. Troy, Erica and Matilda

    Just saw Giggles the pig on TV – a very spoilt pig! However I think our pig Matilda may be even a little bit more spoilt (I am ashamed to say). Matilda is also a Kune Kune, living in North Canterbury. I would like to get in touch with the owners to chat about living with a pig in the house, Cheers, Troy, Erica and Matilda


    1. Wolfies

      Would love to know more about your adored piggy Matilda. Are you following us on over on Facebook? You could message me over there. I am happy to answer questions about the challenge and loveliness of having a pig indoors.


    1. Wolfies

      Thanks Jared. Your segment was fabulous too. So lovely for people to see in moving pictures the peace and beauty of your piece of paradise that they read about in your book Moon Over Martinborough.


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