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We closed our doors over winter, went home, got warm, powered through the end stages of building our own home, and built our online store so that you can shop with us from faraway lands.

As amazing as life is in our teeny seaside village, we need a bigger population to support us so we can bravely stay self-employed. So, we are relying on you to FOLLOW our Facebook page (and Instagram if you have it) then SHARE our Facebook page over on your page, and tell your friends and family what you love about us so we can organically grow our online community.

Leave a COMMENT to let us know that you have shared and that will give you an entry to WIN a fabulous Sushi Love Snuggle Blanket by illustrator Kristin Nohe, worth $145. The winner will be drawn by a random monkey when we reach 500 followers. 

Follow, share, comment, and you could win. Thank you. We really appreciate you. 


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  • jacey thurston on

    I share your almost every quote on your page-I just love the uplift of your page in my day-always so positive! Love going to your page and feeling happy and enouraged after going to your page-even when I have a bad day I’ll just go to your page o read your post over and over and it always helps! <3 <3 <3 All the way from Quebec, Canada!=) xo

  • Nelly Gomez on

    Exquisite, refined and unique design WOLFIES’s store. I ❤️ It!

  • Dana Johnston on

    Page is shared guys! So excited about your online shop. Well done. True inspirations the both of ya!

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