Crafty Pigs and Other Critters.

Munchkin nephew with Giggles the pig
Munchkin nephew with Giggles the pig

When spring lambs began popping out everywhere in surrounding paddocks and the slowpoke veges in the garden decided to have a spectacular growth spurt, it suddenly became impossible for me to resist the urge to start a new project. With a thousand sensible projects, in many stages, already on the go around here at MAD I  felt as though I might just pop if I didn’t go a little wild and make some art.

Those sensible projects are a part of our bigger picture and they are super duper important and the Wolf is working his wonderful butt off every waking hour turning our barn into a  fabulous workshop and gallery to showcase our artistic wonders in the future, so I felt a teeny bit guilty leaving him neck deep in prickly pink batts  whilst I snuck inside to begin the thousand and oneth project; making softies.

Step one:  Squish the sewing machine onto the dining table. Make sure cord is out of reach of nosey- parker pig.

Step two:  Don’t worry about where to have breakfast or lunch or dinner and ignore dishes piling up. Don’t answer the phone. Repel visitors.

Step three: Go wild with fabric, scissors and stuffing and make a glorious mess for an entire week, and don’t  clean anything up until the guts of the last critter is hand sewn shut.

I knew I pushed the mess a little far when our piggy got disgusted at the state of the floor and had difficulty finding a spot to lay down and snooze. After a few attempts chewing fabric scraps, Giggles gave up getting attention or sustenance and slept, oblivious to the items piling up on her.

crafty pig

I must admit I was also a little motivated by the prospect of needing more spectacular things to sell at the Martinborough markets. Emma from the Featherston crafting Queen has wonderful stalls so the pressure was on. Across the way from her were enticing jams, relish, sauces and vinegars of 




3 thoughts on “Crafty Pigs and Other Critters.

    1. martinboroughartdepartment

      Shucks, thanks Clare. Miss you lots and look forward to a visit from you and Tex when the thousand and seventieth project is done and dusted?


  1. Bev

    My goodness…now I see what you have been up to! Creativity way beyond my scope girl! Interesting, imaginative, impressive!!!! My life seems dull in comparison. Might have to get a pig.


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