Piggy with piggy

Some say that the word higgledy-piggledy is derived from a pig’s ability to create mess and disorder. The only mess and disorder our kunekune pig Giggles creates is if her big  bottom collides with our things. Things that bulge from the seams of our far too teeny tiny MAD house. Oh, and if I fail to greet her at the back door in time, to wipe wet winter mud off her adorable nose, hooves and undercarriage.

Me and Wolfie, our far too teeny tiny MAD house, our man shed (where girls are allowed if they are carrying tools, olive crates or wood of any description) and our barn, are in the process of change so things are a bit (ok, a lot) topsy turvy around here. Then there’s the fences, the paths, the courtyards and did I mention our real jobs? They are all in a state of change. Being transformation specialists, and artists, we trust we will arrive at a fabulous finished result, which is what some people might even wait for before they launch into blogging/bragging about their incredibly fulfilling, creative, olive growing, country lifestyle.

Not us! Imagine the deliciousness missed along the way if we only celebrated completion. We think it’s just a matter of accepting the challenge, embracing the higgledy-piggledyness of it all, welcoming the present moment in all it’s messy magnificence, enjoying the hard graft, and sharing our journey along the way.

Hopefully it may even delight and inspire others along the way to live their wild and precious life in a more passionate way.

7 thoughts on “Higgledy-piggledy.

  1. martinboroughartdepartment

    Just enough for “grooms to be” to move around a few times, to create some tidiness in time for their pretty romantic Italian themed olive grove wedding.


  2. dotteeszedlinski

    hig all dee pig all dee snog
    what a lovely blog
    on olive crates or wood in the barn
    hig all dee pig all dee blog
    all messy and marvellous and jolly
    there’s milly molly and mandy
    in a state of change
    it ain’t no strain
    when you hig all dee pig all dee


  3. Moon Over Martinborough

    Giggles’ big bottom is a lovely pig bottom — so little and cute! Lucy didn’t like her just because she was jealous of that cute pig butt. And yes, yes, yes… you are Artists of Transformation!


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